V&A- Vivacious & Adorable

I decided some quality time was needed yesterday to take me away from the temptation of more mince pies . I found myself drawn to a V&A visit. Woowowowowoowo. V&A you are Vivacious & Adorable. Im sorry I cant help but rename you. Victoria & Albert is traditional but not a description of what you share with us. SOO much on there.

Pearl Exhibition was lush. Pearls worn by Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor,  Mary Queen of Scots and tons more but Ive realised Im a secret Tiara fan. How incredible to be that close to these exquisite parts of history.No photos  allowed ;(. Meanies.

Then Elmgreen and Dragset- Tomorrow. Soooo cool and mysterious . A house replicated as if the person has just this second left and clues to his life and you have to imagine what will tomorrow bring for him. Genius . Wont give it all away as some bizarre and curious parts to it.  You Gotta go. – No photies. argh.

Outside in the courtyard- Artist – Xu Bing creates  Traveling to Wonderland. An ideal land made with 5 different stones from China in which he places miniature houses and animals . Makes you look in every wee nook and cranny to see whats hiding. Beautiful. And pics were allowed. Thanks Xu. Loving your work. x

Thanks V&A for helping me not add on extra pounds and have a wonderful culture vulture visit. Feeling very content.x

V&ASculpture Garden  copyV&A copy